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Restoring Dignity through Bail Bonds for Domestic Violence

It is fairly natural for parties within a conjugal relationship to experience some difference of opinions, which at times could lead to arguments. In certain cases however, such disagreements could go overboard and culminate in actual abuse. The form of assault practiced could both be physical and verbal. Legal repercussions of spousal abuse or domestic violence can be quite serious and last for the long term. The accused could face a number of consequences following such improprieties, ranging from monetary fines to imprisonment and custody-related limitations. This normally happens after a complaint has been lodged with police.

Domestic Violence

Different Acts of Relationship/Family abuse

The causes for arrest of a domestic partner could go beyond acts of abuse exercised in physical terms alone. Various forms of intimidation which may or may not involve weapons can at times suffice sending the person accused to jail after a complaint is filed. The assault committed may warrant legal prosecution in cases where a family member gets threatened or held hostage by an accused individual. Such assault could have occurred on more than one family member too. Accusations of abuse can extend into relationships between live-in couples or even those with divorce proceedings pending in court.

Aftermath of Accusations Pertaining to Domestic Abuse

The police move in swiftly to arrest and subsequently jail anyone who is accused of causing either mental or physical assault by spouse. Legal booking formalities are followed once the accused has been put under arrest. You can take several legal steps in order to safeguard your rights with aim of proving innocence. Prior to seeking legal representation with a lawyer, it is vital to first contact a certified bail bond agent.

Consulting Bail Bonds Agents Specialized in Domestic Abuse

Indeed, spousal abuse victims experience sympathy from the law as well as other interested parties, among them ordinary individuals. The requisite law is nonetheless often applied in vested manner by certain individuals on a mission of vengeance against spouses or ex-partners. Any person facing such situation is covered by the full rights as well as legal provisions protecting innocence of the accused unless proven guilty. An attorney can help you to achieve this, but an agent for bail bonds will swiftly organize for your release from prison. Getting out of custody and attaining a clear frame of mind should be your primary step in preparing to initiate legal action to reclaim your rights.

Notable Points about Bail Bond Services

A member of your family may be arrested and bond set for twenty thousand dollars. To secure release from prison, you will need to pay up this amount in full. Most individuals are however unable to raise the figure in full owing to its expensiveness. A bondsman comes in handy during these moments and can readily top up the deficit at a non-refundable fee normally charged at ten percent.

Bail Bond Services

You would require raising the full amount, failing use of a bail bond agency. This entity assumes risk of forfeiting the bond placed if an accused person either skips bail or does not attend court proceedings. Bail bonds work in simple yet quick manner, affording freedom to jailed individuals. The percentage which a judge sets for bail is normally prescribed as per state law.

The agent must assure the presiding judge and court of availing the defendant in court at all occasions or get summoned by the legal officer. As always, the co-signatory takes up the role of ascertaining the accused person does show up as required by court regulation. It is equally important for this representative to keep updated of the defendant’s whereabouts at all times. This person should notify the bondsman at once in case the accused moves.

Interest has to be paid immediately use of bail bond is secured and interest charges vary across different companies. The person utilizing a bail bondsman should know this fact during signing of contract. Federal and immigration bonds can prove being quite costly, easily increasing the rate of interest.

The process of scrutinizing various interest rates and other services provided by bail bondsman, takes time. It is important not to spend excessive amount of time processing the bail bond to shorten jail time. You have to be ready and willing to compromise on your privacy upon contracting a bail bondsman. In some cases, you may have to contend with probability of round the clock surveillance. The bailing agency as well has to contend with possibility of forfeiting cash in case a defendant fails to appear in court or skips bail.

When the bail issued is of public nature due to system delay, the bail bond is paid by taxpayers. This is quite different from private situations where the person accused or arrested foots the bail alone. Huge spending might become necessary in order to trace those who skip bail, who normally try fleeing to remote locations to escape re-arrest.

Steps to Selecting a Commendable Bail Bonds Agent

Any average individual can fall in need of an agent for posting bond to help in securing freedom from prison. It is critical knowing who to approach in such circumstances in order to avoid getting defrauded. As such, carry out some background research of prospective agents before contracting them to offer you services. This will enable you end up with a person who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. The possibility of having a family member arrested then taken to jail can cause some chills to any person, especially if this happens in unexpected fashion. Do find out first the amount of bail that has been set, which is normally determined by the presiding judge based upon a bail schedule if your state employs one. Other aspects which determine this figure include severity of crime committed and risk of flight along with other variables. All these factors might occasion the judge to set the bail amount either higher or lower than usual.

Bail Bonds Agent

After this is done, you can then seek for a certified bail bondsman or agency if unable to afford offsetting the figure by yourself. Most people are unable to achieve this and therefore require such professional services. Your main factor in determining who to engage ought to be guided by their qualifications and skills. These qualities come in handy within the period lying in-between your release from incarceration and setting of trial date. As such, it is prudent to seek out the professional at your disposal who appears most reliable.

You are charged with the role of paying a fee of mostly between 10 and 15 percent to the court. This comes together with offering financial backing to top up the balance with financial collateral or deed. Release gets scheduled only after the bond is paid in full, of which a bail bondsman is charged with assuring the court. Failing to show up for court dates would imply you have contravened the law yet again and are deemed as a fugitive.

Getting rearrested and being jailed again would then deny you opportunity to qualify for bail again. In addition, being an accused person, you would be jailed for the original crime along with felony of “skipping bail.” Under such circumstances, one may get arrested and arraigned in court by the bond agent. A competent service provider should be able to accord assistance to clients in all ways possible to alleviate the stress which comes with such difficult times.